Virtual and Augmented Reality

We help you capitalize on emerging digital realities.

The technology to create realistic and engaging digital worlds is undergoing an exponential technological evolution—and with it the potential growth of market share it represents. Our firm provides a service focused on video games and other digital entertainment experiences. We are a true AR and VR recruiter—a talent management firm with the real-time perspectives to overcome any hiring challenge.

VR and AR will provide in-roads to valuable digital real estate. Businesses need to be ready to invest in their development and expansion to offer the immersion users will demand. GameRecruiter has the experience with new and impactful technologies to help your business build the teams to keep you competitive and on the bleeding edge of this gaming revolution. We have the network and resources to place engineers, designers, developers, creatives, 360 marketing experts, and other highly-specialized talent.

Diverse and exciting applications

Video Game and Digital Entertainment recruitment designed for the future

VR and AR will be a valuable asset as more and more businesses adopt remote work as the new normal, forming new ways of creating meaningful interactions between team members.

This tech is the bridge between users in professional ecosystems, educational settings, and retail environments and is able to realistically simulate dangerous and hazardous scenarios while taking in reliable and real-time response data during training exercises. As an AR and VR recruiter, we deliver the talent and leadership needed to design, develop, produce, and market military simulation, medical simulation, mixed reality, location-based, theme, and amusement parks games.

Gaming is Growing

Digital Entertainment is growing. We are the AR and VR recruiters to help you grow with it.