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The game and digital entertainment industries are expanding and developing professionals are seeking positions. Game and digital entertainment revenues continue to grow by leaps and bounds and the need for designers, developers, and other highly specialized roles have only increased—along with candidate interest in these critical roles.

As a trusted game and digital entertainment recruiter, we help digital entertainment companies secure the most technically and culturally appropriate candidates matching their goals for growth in the PC and console verticals, covering online gaming, MMO, metaverse, Esports, educational gaming, casino games, and beyond.

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We find software engineers who can code in different programming languages and software. We understand the role data and analytics specialists play—those highly skilled professionals who manage and interpret user data to produce a greater quality of life for users and offer context for change. We deliver the UX designers who produce immersive and stylized visual aesthetics. We locate the product professionals who expertly communicate with consumers to ensure the success of emerging titles. GameRecruiter is your end-to-end client-focused game and digital entertainment recruiter.

Gaming is Growing

Gaming and immersive experiences are growing. We are the recruiters to help you grow with it.