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Gaming Hardware

Our Recruiting doesn't stop at software.

Games, the Metaverse, and eSports are all enhanced by hardware. Our model of Game and Digital Entertainment recruitment encompasses the entire user experience, providing companies that focus on the production of game hardware access to those designers, engineers, programmers, marketing professionals, and manufacturing experts essential to a fully connected, immersive, and responsive gaming experience.

We present our client partners with a diverse talent pool—candidates of different backgrounds, education levels, specializations, and skillsets—located, assessed, and secured through a network built to specifically serve the hiring needs of the Video Game and Digital Entertainment industry. GameRecruiter helps you build the teams that will define your company culture and grow an attractive and unique brand.

One hundred percent completion

The gaming industry experience to handle every gaming hardware vertical

We have real-world video game industry experience. We understand the production pipeline and can help your business efficiently and effectively build the teams and secure the leadership to bring your technology to market and into the hands of excited gamers around the world.

Our Game and Digital Entertainment specialists at GameRecruiter possesses the deep and current industry knowledge to advocate for and deliver in-demand gaming candidates to create the CPUs, high-end graphics cards, advancements in memory, dazzling displays, enveloping audio, responsive controllers, and top-performing platforms that are defining next-generation digital entertainment.

Gaming is Growing

We provide Game and Digital Entertainment Recruiting services to help you grow with it.