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Create content to reach all audiences

As quickly as digital entertainment is evolving, video game companies must use media to grow their brands, adapting IP into new and exciting content, deepening and diversifying the greater user experience.

Media recruitment is just one more service offered by GameRecruiter, delivering creative and innovative media professionals who can expertly adapt digital entertainment into more traditional mediums, granting our client-partners one more point of access for their users.

Gaming. Social Media. TV. Film.

Talent to cover every relevant media vertical

At GameRecruiter, we work collaboratively with our clients to create teams agile enough to capitalize on every media outlet, employing every possible technology and developing nimble content creation systems that maximize reach and create substantial community engagement.

Our experienced media recruitment specialists source the creative and technical writers, editors, artists, graphic designers, art directors, film and video editors, technicians, sound engineers, photographers, and public relations experts to deliver the quality original content users demand. Our firm can help your business create and convey genuine messaging that only enhances brand recognition.

Gaming is Growing

Gaming is growing. We provide media recruitment services to help you grow with it.